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Tuesday, December 31, 2019 - 20:00

I warmly invite you to read the new issue of the "Medical Library Forum" – the second one published this year. You will find many interesting articles, among others about the Digital Medical Library of the Jagiellonian University Medical College, experiences and the conclusions of the Mendeley Institutional Edition project run at the Wroclaw Medical University Main Library, love for books – and many others! I wish you a good reading. Editor-in-Chief - Irmina Utrata.


Maria Turos
Military pharmacopoeias at the turn of the 19th century
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(2):2-12 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0003

Marzena Susczyk
Love for books makes you happy – the beneficial effects of reading on the brain
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(2):13-21 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0005

Małgorzata Matera, Anna Zbijowska, Grzegorz Zając
The functioning and perspectives for the development of the Digital Medical Library with particular reference to the Database of Doctoral Theses
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(2):22-28 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0007

Patrycja Kurowska
Can a librarian safeguard the reliability of the research?
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(2):29-35 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0008

Małgorzata Florianowicz, Małgorzata Gorczewska, Kamila Machowina, Jakub Rusakow
The study went well. A positive result! Analysis of the satisfaction survey results of medical libraries users
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(2):36-52 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0012

Justyna Zawada
Experiences of the three years of the Mendeley Institutional Edition project at the Wroclaw Medical University Main Library
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(2):53-64 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0015