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Monday, November 4, 2019 - 08:00

We have the pleasure of presenting the next issue of the "Medical Library Forum", and the first one published by the editorial team of the Main Library of the Medical University of Warsaw. Recommending this issue, I wish you enjoyable reading, hoping that the content of the issue will meet your expectations. Editor-in-Chief - Irmina Utrata.


Mirosław Wielgoś
Foreword of His Magnificence prof. dr hab. n. med. Mirosław Wielgoś – Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw

Irmina Utrata
Foreword from chief editor Irmina Utrata – Director of the Main Library of the Medical University of Warsaw


Maria Turos
General anaesthesia as a topic of articles in the medical press of the Kingdom of Poland of the 1840s and 1850s
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(1):6-24 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0013

Tomasz Nowocień, Edyta Rogowska
Data management plan (DMP) in the academic library. New tasks and tools
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(1):25-30 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0009

Piotr Kępski
Open Access as part of scientific policy
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(1):31-37 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0004

Agnieszka Milewska, Damian Rutkowski
The MOBIL-ized Librarian – benefits of equipping employees with mobile devices
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(1):38-42 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0006

Edyta Strzelczyk, Lidia Derfert-Wolf
Why ask? On the library’s user satisfaction surveys conducted within the framework of the Performance Analysis for Polish Research Libraries project
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(1):43-50 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0011

Tatiana Ostapenko, Aurelia Vidma
Professor Zbigniew Religa Polish Medical Library – a successful project of the National Scientific Medical Library of Ukraine
Medical Library Forum 2018;11(1):51-54 DOI: 10.34738/mlf.0001